Chacun À Son Goût

The itch to go off on a tangent may sound like a splendid arrangement at the outset; in lieu of sticking around a frowsty, threadbare laboratory after two o’clock in the afternoon on a protracted school day, wearisomely striving to fully grasp the significance of the periodic table, how about a loosey-goosey field trip to the National Museum of Singapore or a carefree, peaceful saunter about Bukit Timah Nature Reserve? Well, between you, me, and the gatepost, I loathe after-school excursions, period.

For what it is worth, it has come to my knowledge that, when ninety-eight per cent of the chaps in my neighbourhood school were cut from the same cloth as the wildlife in the Singapore Zoo, there is nothing spectacularly eye-opening or laid-back about milling around a lush twenty-six-hectare rainforest in the sweltering, clammy heat surrounded by the astringent odour of animal excrement.

By the same token, the expedition to the NEWater Visitor Centre was equally eyebrow-raising and unappetising: Visualise yourself on a guided tour where a cicerone enlightens you on the modus operandi of water purification. Every once in a while, you take a sip of fluid from the complimentary bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated. At the end, the attendant insensitively concluded with, “To cut a long story short, you have had been consuming decontaminated urine, so to speak.”

In retrospect, I should have seen it coming—of course I was drinking filtrated wastewater. But I was once naïve and simple-minded, and so were the many who retched theatrically.

One day, however, a miraculous turnaround happened. Prior to the long-awaited week-long mini-break to South Korea, my aunt and cousin apportioned thirty-odd hours in mid March to travel far and wide from United States to Singapore: their home away from home. Shortly after their arrivals in the city state, they extended an invitation to me—a day trip to Jurong Bird Park—and I jumped at the chance in a heartbeat. Why? I do not have the slightest inkling.

This week's photo challenge is Reflecting.

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