There Is No Rose Without A Thorn

I am a twenty-something, permanently enervated financial advisor. Besides periodically indulging in cups of joe throughout the day just for the hell of it, more often than not, I hinge on them to vanquish fatigue and yawns.

Coffee is practically the epitome of a lifesaver when it comes to uncharismatic clients or soul-destroying, inconsequential tête-à-têtes. As far as pick-me-ups are concerned, I scarcely deviate from my usual go-to beverages: NESCAFÉ 3in1 ORIGINAL and Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino Blended Coffee.

However, on three occasions over the past month, I had departed from Dunkin’ Donuts in a bone-weary haze and with a much-needed, piquant helping of iced latte in my hand. Wham bam—it is officially my java of choice.

Kahlan, my dearest two-year-old cousin, is an alternative vitality booster whom I tremendously rely upon; when she is not on the other side of the world nurturing hatchlings and flourishing into an inspiring little lady, she is an effective and reliable Energiser bunny.


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